Spring is here at last. It is my favorite time of year. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Breakfast and dinner seems to arrive a bit quicker. Kris and Charlie are very ood about feeding time; however I do have to remind them more often in the winter.

2. The chickens are in a better mood. The chicks are more often in a bad mood in the winter and they are not afraid to show it. Fussy, loud cackling females are not my idea of fun pasture mates.

3. The goats are a bit friendlier as well. Merlot is a grump in cold weather. All of them complain about cold, wet days.

4. There is more grass and green weeds poking through the brush. Did I mention that I like to eat?

5. Sunshine. There is nothing like the feeling of sunshine on your nose and back.

6. The days are longer, so there is more time to play. Even a serious donkey enjoys kicking up his heels a bit.

7. The trees are getting all leafy. I really enjoy a shady spot for a nap.

8. Flowers bloom. I’ll admit it. They are pretty.

9. The song birds return to the mountain. Their songs of happiness sure beat the complaining of the hens.

10. More friends to visit in the warmer weather. I enjoy it when people come to see me. Kris and Charlie like the company too. Making new friends and seeing “old” ones make every season the best.

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