So, who’s making chili on this cold, rainy Monday? There’s always a difference of opinion as to what to have to accompany your chili. When I serve it here I always make sure to have crackers, fritos and my favorite, cornbread!!! Which brings on another debate, cake like cornbread or […]

It’s a Chili Night!!

  Jose’s Heavenly Haystacks   I like to eat.  No, that is not exactly right.  I love to eat.  I really enjoy yummy, fresh haystacks.  I enjoy haystacks so much that I am going to share a recipe for haystacks with you.  I must admit that the finished product doesn’t […]

Jose’s Heavenly Haystacks

Cool, autumn night. Rain gently hitting the roof. The fire long extinguished outside, but the warmth of new friendships just beginning inside. For those who have never experienced the atmosphere of a bed and breakfast there is no better time than a cold, wet night conversing around the table with […]

Pumpkin Spice Punch Recipe

Hillbilly Biscuits
Have you noticed how food choices change with the seasons? Lots of salads and fruits in the summer, heartier stews and root vegetables in the fall and winter. For us, its Strawberry Cheesecake French toast for spring and summer and Apple French toast for fall and winter. We do however […]

Hillbilly Biscuits Recipe

Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast
The cool nights are creeping in off the bluff and the days are getting shorter. With Labor Day fast approaching the end of summer is upon us. Just as we are enjoying the last fruits and vegetables of summer, make time for that last relaxing summer hurrah. I know the […]

Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

French Toast
Can anyone guess what the most requested breakfast dish at The Secret is? Here’s a hint it’s really sweet, although I do take all the sugar and calories out for my guests! Of course its the Creme’ Brulee’ French Toast! Here’s the recipe for all those who have asked. It’s […]

Creme Brulee French Toast