Daily Archives: September 23, 2015

I watched the sunrise this morning. It greeted me like an old friend. From the appearance of the first rays over the lake it warmed my soul. I could hear the braying from the barn, but I could not be pulled away. If there is one thing that The Secret […]

Phases of the Sunrise

Hillbilly Biscuits
Have you noticed how food choices change with the seasons? Lots of salads and fruits in the summer, heartier stews and root vegetables in the fall and winter. For us, its Strawberry Cheesecake French toast for spring and summer and Apple French toast for fall and winter. We do however […]

Hillbilly Biscuits Recipe

Building the Lodge
When Millard Weaver built what is now the main lodge of The Secret Bed and Breakfast in 1965 it was considered extravagant for its time. Built on solid bedrock, the tile for the floor was imported from Italy. The wood beams in the ceiling are 2′ x 8′ double tongue […]

The Secret Bed and Breakfast Main Lodge