It’s a bone chilling 19 degrees on the mountain this morning who knows what it is with the wind chill. And while the cold is uncomfortable the silence it has brought with it is pleasant. There is a still, calmness to the cold. No noise of passing trucks from the […]

Thoughts from a Cold Winter Morning

I woke this morning, walked out onto the bluff here at The Secret. Still shrouded in darkness by the crisp night sky, I looked up. The stars above were shining so bright I felt I could reach up and pluck them from the sky. The distant lights of civilization seem […]

Morning Sky

It occurred to me this morning as I sat waiting for the sun to come up that winter is the one season that I get to actually sit and have a cup of coffee while enjoying the sunrise.  It was a balmy 11 degrees this morning, way better than the […]

Winters Glory

Somewhere below the ocean of clouds the sun sits waiting to make its grand entrance! It’s all about timing. Sitting, waiting, watching as the first sliver of light peeps out over the clouds. Then, quietly, in what seems like an instance it is there, shining in all its glory. Warming […]

An Ocean of Clouds

Star light, star bright…..technically it is not a star, but the planet Venus. Every morning when I let the dogs out I see this bright object in the sky near the moon. Known also as the “morning star”, Venus is the second brightest natural object in the sky. It has […]


The sun is always there, sometimes in front of the clouds, sometimes behind. At times it sits and waits for the wind to move the clouds from its vision, giving it the chance to shine its rays upon us. On those occasions when we get to witness it fighting its […]

A Lesson in Patience

Last night’s full moon was known as the full “mourning moon”. In old days, this moon was seen as the last light before the cold days of winter set in. A time to let go of those things we don’t want to take into the new year. During this time […]

Mourning Moon

“What a spectacular view you have!” Many visitors to The Secret have marveled at the breathtaking view off the bluff, over the valley, but most see it during the day. To truly experience its magnificence you must see at night. A crisp, clear winter view is a sight to behold! […]

Star Light, Star Bright

Back by popular demand, Mother Nature’s own Colorfest! In spite of the lack of sunshine the trees here and in the valley are aglow! According to those smarter than me we have about a week before it leaves us (pun intended) for another year! So, put on the rain coat […]

Mother Nature’s Colorfest

Listening to the rain on the roof, relaxing, drinking a warm cup of coffee. Suddenly in the distant darkness a piercing sound. Yes, it’s an angry donkey who does not care that it is dark or raining! As I have said many times, my life is run by an ass!! […]

My Life is run by an Ass!

“But there’s a full moon risin’, Let’s go dancin’ in the light We know where the music’s playin’, Let’s go out and feel the night.” -Neil Young- With the official arrival of fall, we are all looking forward to some time out enjoying the crisp fall air. Sunday night at […]


When the hummingbirds bustle about like bees on the feeders, and the Joseph’s coat rose shows off its last blooms you know autumn can’t be far behind. Colored leaves then Christmas trees before spring brings the blossoms and the birds our way once more.