Morning Sky

I woke this morning, walked out onto the bluff here at The Secret. Still shrouded in darkness by the crisp night sky, I looked up. The stars above were shining so bright I felt I could reach up and pluck them from the sky. The distant lights of civilization seem to reflect their brilliance. As I stood there, chilled by the still cool spring air, a feeling engulfed me. Over the past few days my mind has been covered with a veil of worry and doubt. A dark negative cloud much like the inky black sky above me. It occurred to me in that moment that perhaps my focus should not be on the surrounding darkness, but on those little points of light. Lights that embody all the positive, loving people in my life. Lights that I know will be there to lead me where I need to be. Thanks to all the lights in my life, I will embrace the darkness and focus on the stars.


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