Letter to my Younger Self

Letter to my younger self:
There will come a point in your life when material things just don’t matter. The nice cars, fancy houses, expensive vacations will become inconsequential. At this time you will gain the understanding that life is more about surrounding yourself with loving, supportive people. You will gain the understanding that one of the most exciting things you can do in your day is sit and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Watch the moon as it comes up over the horizon or sit and listen to the water as it rolls over the rock of a mountain stream. You’ll realize that the most fun you can have is to sit in your own living room with your friends telling stories, playing games, and just laughing and enjoying each others company. You will one day reach the age of enlightenment, and when that day comes bask in its glory and let all else around you slip away.
I know a Secret place where people do just these things. A place so quiet and peaceful surrounded by beauty. It’s a Secret I love to share……shhh!
#thesecretbedandbreakfast #visitnorthal #cherokeechamberal

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