The Little Book of Donkeys

Hi! Ho! Jose here at The Secret Bed and Breakfast! BRRRRRR! It’s really cold outside this morning! The goats are still snuggled down in the hay but I thought I would stick my nose out early to see exactly how cold it was outside the barn. Charlie and Kris do a great job of making sure that all of us out here in the barn are warm, dry and fed when winter weather hits. Kris even brought me some entertainment for today. She said that one of my friends sent me this book and she thought that I would like to read while they had us locked in the barn due to the cold. Now, I’m not sure that Kris knows that I don’t know how to read but I sure am not going to tell her, after all, I am a smart donkey so surely I can figure this reading thing out! It looks like a really interesting book but I can’t get past the front cover because donkeys don’t have fingers!! Silly Kris, what was she thinking! I wonder if I can get Max or Toby to turn the pages with their tongues????? Oh well, at least I can be entertained by trying to figure it out!
We here in the barn hope that all our friends out there stay nice and warm like we are going to do. And, if you come up for a visit come over and see if I have figured out the book and reading thing!!!
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