What’s that sound!!!!

Hi, Ho! Jose’ here at The Secret Bed and Breakfast! It was a busy weekend here, cars coming and going, boats coming and going, lots of noise from the roof where that pool thing is! And, lots of pets and peppermints for me!! Last night I thought I had eaten too many and was on a sugar rush as I kept hearing this chirping sound in the barn. The goats and I have been spending a lot of time in there as the flies are so bad and this was the first time I heard it! I saw Charlie carrying out a container earlier in the day so I am assuming there was something in it that made the noise. I really wish they would run things by me before they put new things in the barn, as the protector of the barn and all that lives in it I need to know if there is something new that might need my guarding abilities! When Charlie came out at dusk to feed I peaked over the door and saw a new enclosure towards the other end of the barn. It had one of our heat lamps on one end. Why!!!!! It’s 90 degrees in the shade!!! Well, apparently inside the enclosure are baby chicks that need it to be exceptionally hot!! I’m not going any where near that side of the barn, I need an ice bath not a heat lamp!
Time for my breakfast, I hope all you can make it up this summer to cool off in the cement pond, and maybe even bring me some treats!
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