The Old Man on the Mountain

The old man on the mountain. Presley came to us as a stray. When we first purchased The Secret he would show up to every wedding, during fireworks and thunderstorms. We would give him treats and love then the next day he would be gone, usually with the treat left behind. I would put notes around his neck asking who he belonged to, what his name was and where he lived but never got a call.
One week in July he came up and he stayed for the entire week. At the end of the week we had a wedding and someone took his photo watching the ceremony. That photo was posted on Facebook. A friend across the way commented on the photo telling us his name was Rascal and that he lived next door to her. He had been crossing Hwy 68 for six and a half years to come see us! From that week on he has never left our side. He also has not been called “Rascal”.
Presley has slowed down a lot over the past year and his age shows in the way he walks and the fact that he no longer follows our guests around. The day he crosses the rainbow bridge will be sad for us as well as all those who he has greeted at the door. For now, he mostly sleeps in the lodge waiting on his pets from guests as they pass by. Best guess, he is at least 14 years old. Really old for a big dog!!!!
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