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The Weaver Mansion, as it was known in 1965, was built with four rooms in the main house. Originally, each room was decked out in a specific color. From the carpet that covered the floors to the tile that was in the bathrooms, to the phones that hung on the […]

The Weaver Mansion, Lodge Rooms

“That it seems that it may turn out to be, feels that it will undoubtedly, looks like a rather blustery day today” -Winnie the Pooh- Yesterday’s gorgeous morning sky has turned dark and gray with the violent winds of the night. But here it is in all its glory to […]

Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

Let’s play a game with a gift as a reward. I will post Christmas trivia on some (not all) days from now until Christmas Eve. Each response will earn you an entry (1 per question) into a drawing. If you share the post with your friends, you will also receive […]

Christmas Trivia, Part 1

Somewhere below the ocean of clouds the sun sits waiting to make its grand entrance! It’s all about timing. Sitting, waiting, watching as the first sliver of light peeps out over the clouds. Then, quietly, in what seems like an instance it is there, shining in all its glory. Warming […]

An Ocean of Clouds

Star light, star bright…..technically it is not a star, but the planet Venus. Every morning when I let the dogs out I see this bright object in the sky near the moon. Known also as the “morning star”, Venus is the second brightest natural object in the sky. It has […]


“Friendship is like peeing in your pants, everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth.” For some reason I found this funny on this cold Friday morning! Jose’s advice….kick back, enjoy the warmth of friendship and laugh your ass off!!! TGIF Y’all!! Stay warm!! ‪#‎thesecretbedandbreakfast‬ ‪#‎weisslake‬ ‪#‎VisitNorthAl‬‪#‎bedandbreakfastalabama‬ […]

Laugh Your Ass Off…..Only with Friends!

We have a spectacular view in a quiet, tranquil environment, but that is not my favorite part of owning a bed and breakfast. My favorite part is standing in the kitchen at breakfast time or sitting on the patio in the evening and hearing the laughter and conversations between people […]

Coming Together at the Breakfast Table

Christmas is a season that has no boundaries when it comes to human relationships. Friendships or families broken tend to mend during the holidays. The recent letter Mark Zuckerberg posted to his daughter brings some focus for me to the relationships we all develop over our lifetimes. While there are […]

A Facebook “Thank You”