The Weaver Mansion, Lodge Rooms

The Weaver Mansion, as it was known in 1965, was built with four rooms in the main house. Originally, each room was decked out in a specific color. From the carpet that covered the floors to the tile that was in the bathrooms, to the phones that hung on the wall. The rooms that were known as the Green and Blue rooms are now known as Tranquility and Serenity. Appropriately named, all the rooms in our main lodge are very tranquil and serene due to the construction of the house. Concrete block, steel, and plaster walls insure that each room feels secluded. The best part about the view rooms this time of year is that you can lay in bed, open your curtains and see the sun rise without moving a muscle! The many views you see here on Facebook can be seen from both of these rooms! But don’t discount the rooms on the other side of the hall!! We have had many a group of girlfriends enjoy a good night of movies and giggles in those rooms! Both rooms have two queen beds so they are well equipped for a old fashioned “sleep over”!

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