Winter Attributes

I have never been a cold weather fan. Getting up in the morning, crawling out of a warm bed into the cool morning air was daunting. And I hated winter! The cold, grayness of it. It was like Spring and fall were all the bright colors of a rainbow, and winter was dull, gray, and depressing. Since coming to the Secret I have discovered that there is a wonder in every season. The winter air, while cold, is cleaner, crisper, not weighed down with humidity. The views, both of the stars at night and the view by day are much clearer. You can see for miles. In reality the seasons are much like the people we meet here, each one different and unique but adding a certain amount of perspective to our lives. Now, I embrace the winter, and look forward to the possibility of seeing it all decked out in a blanket of snow. My own little snow globe!
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