A Facebook “Thank You”

Christmas is a season that has no boundaries when it comes to human relationships. Friendships or families broken tend to mend during the holidays. The recent letter Mark Zuckerberg posted to his daughter brings some focus for me to the relationships we all develop over our lifetimes. While there are those who will sit back and criticize all the negatives of Facebook, I have found it to be more of a light that leads those from the bleak, darkness of society to the dawn of friendships and family. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg, for giving me the platform to maintain distant relationships with friends and family. For allowing me to in some small way, lift up those who only seem to see the storm clouds, not the rays of sunshine that come out from beneath. For showing the child dying of brain cancer that, through Facebook likes, there are those who care. For giving an adopted child the tool to find long lost family, or the lost family pet a path home. For allowing those who believe in, and in need of prayer a place for their request. For basically allowing us to keep those connections that in time of need are of ultimate importance.
So, what if we all tried each time we go online to make Facebook a positive to all the negative of the news media. Perhaps if we focused all our positive energy out into the world change will present itself!


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