The Weaver Mansion, Part 3


May every sunrise bring you hope, and every sunset bring you peace.”
The main lodge of the Secret sits on the bluff in a way that every season is seen at it’s best. During the hot days of summer, the sun barely touches the windows of the main living area but in the winter its rays warm the windows from dawn to almost dusk. The stone on the outside of the building is quarried Crab Orchard Stone and is as pristine today as the day the building was erected. It also helps in insulating the main living area. Built to stand the test of time, the house was built into the bedrock. Lightning rods across the roof line keep the house grounded during storms.
It is our hope as caretakers of this magnificent property that we are able to share its peace with all those who need it. To let the property that is the Secret embrace and give hope and respite to those weary from the real world.
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