Who’s been sitting in my chair!!!

Where did you get that chair? That is a question that we get asked quite often. We actually inherited the chair when we purchased the bed and breakfast. I call it my “Edith Ann” chair, which all of my older guests understand but the younger ones give me a puzzled look! If you don’t know who Edith Ann is, look up the show Laugh-in from back in the 60’s.
The chair was actually purchased by Diann Cruickshank who saw it sitting on the side of the road. When she consulted Carl about purchasing it she neglected to tell him how large it was. In her book Secrets of the Secret Bed and Breakfast she tells of how she acquired it and how they managed to get it back here and in the house! At the time she bought it the owners told her it was a “unique, one of a kind chair”. She later went by the same location and saw another just like it! She told us she paid almost $1,000 for that chair since it was a one of a kind piece. As karma would have it, the other chair was stolen so then she did have a unique piece for the area!
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