Autumn Glow

While autumn in general is a beautiful season with the trees all colored up in their yellows, reds, and golds, late autumn is my favorite!  Somewhere around the middle to end of November, many of the leaves have already fallen, but the ones remaining are a beautiful golden color.  It is this time of year that the sun has begun to rise so that its rays wash over the front of the property from the corner.  The view from the kitchen window of the lodge is breathtaking, it looks as if the front yard is glowing as the sun’s rays hit all the golden leaves.  When asked by guests which is the prettiest season here my response is “they are all pretty”.   There is no truer statement, as each season seems to have something that will take your breath away!  And as hard as I try to capture the beauty on my camera I just can’t seem to get it!  For those who have never visited our mountaintop it’s hard to explain, but all I can say is the Secret is a place to be not only seen but felt.  There is something about the top of this mountain that gives visitors a sort of peace.  A calm in a storm, or a release from the stress of the everyday.


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