Kris’ Livestock Adventure


HI HO, Jose’ here!! It’s been a while since I have written so let me update you on the most recent happenings here at The Secret. Recently, my owners obtained 4 new hens to add to my flock. Well, 3 of those 4 hens turned out to be roosters and they proceeded to turned the barnyard upside down!!! At first Kris tolerated them until such time as they decided to gang up on Henrietta (Kris’ favorite hen) that was the last straw! They have since been exiled to their own pen away from the hens! At night, while the hens are safe in the coop, they are allowed out. Well, Friday morning Kris was not out at her usual time so the goats and I thought we would help her out. The hens were getting really rowdy in their coop and the roosters promised they would behave! NEVER trust a rooster!! The moment the coop door opened and the hens began to come out they began harassing them!! We tried to intervene, the goats and I, but those roosters are fast! They even jumped on Henrietta right in front of Kris!! Her face said it all, it was “war” on the roosters!

Well, Kris came out of the barn with the big leaf rake normally reserved for me when I won’t go into the gate! She went after those roosters one by one and literally threw them into their side of the pen!! Feathers were flying, along with a few words that my young ears should not be hearing! Of course I got blamed for opening the coop while the goats stood by looking innocent! So, I am all about finding new homes for the roosters. If it doesn’t happen soon I may have to just open the gate and run them out!

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