Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!


Hello Everyone!! With Autumn in full swing there are leaves and acorns everywhere in the pasture. Since it has been several months since it has rained they are not quite as sweet as usual but some are still pretty tasty. Our human, Charlie has been very busy raking up all the delicious leaves from the areas surrounding the pasture. I am not sure what he is trying to accomplish because as soon as he removes them more fall to take their place. He drags the ones he gathers into the pasture for my goat friends and I to enjoy, which we really appreciate. Me being a smart ass and all I got to thinking that it sure would save Mr. Charlie some work if we just ate the leaves off the ground so he did not have to rake them up and put them into the pasture. So, last week I devised a plan to take my goat friends outside of the pasture for a nightly walkabout to help out Mr. Charlie. He does so much for us after all!
I am not sure how much help we were, it did not seem like we were able to get up very many, not to mention the fact that the goats kept trying to eat the other plants. And, I am not sure that Mrs. Kris was at all happy! When she came out to feed us the next morning and saw the open gate she looked like she had seen a ghost! I so wish I could have gotten that gate closed, but my teeth just would not cooperate.
There are still plenty of leaves on the trees if any of you are wanting to catch some of the last color of Autumn. I think the goats and I will just stay in the pasture from now on and wait for Mr. Charlie or his guests to bring the leaves and acorns to us!

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