Fall is in the Air!!!

There was such a nice cool breeze blowing last night that my goat friends and I decided to sleep out under the stars instead of our usual spot in the barn. We do this a lot in late spring and early autumn just because the cool night air feels so good to us! While I like the cooler temperatures a lot, my favorite part of fall is the leaves! Now, my human friends think they look good, but I actually think they taste good!! I also like to roll in the piles that my human, Charlie, rakes into the pasture from the yard. I don’t really understand why he does it but it seems to make him happy and the goats and I appreciate the extra snacks. While the goats like the leaves, they actually prefer the acorns. All the nice guests that visit us are always bringing them extra acorns. Charlie sure doesn’t like the acorns much, one time I saw him fall on them while blowing the leaves!! That gave me quite a belly laugh!!

I hear many of those who visit us here at the Secret talking about what a fantastic view there is on the other side of the big house, I’ve only seen that side once and got in a lot of trouble for being there!  I imagine that all the colored leaves would look really pretty in the valley, especially considering how pretty they are on this side of the house!  Only a month or so to go until the leaves start to turn and we get to enjoy all my favorite fall things!  I’m just wondering what all of the humans out there like best?  Perhaps they will come over and share when they visit!

jose and friends


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