My Humans

kris andCharlie and Kris Thomas are my humans. They live on the mountain with me. Well not exactly WITH me. I live in the pasture. They choose to reside in the lodge. We get along great, although they have some unusual habits. They work quite a bit, running from lodge to cabins. Charlie spends hours growing grass only to spend hours more cutting it down. I do not understand this strange hobby. He does dig in the ground quite a bit and beautiful flowers just shoot up from the holes. Kris, on the other hand, can sometimes be found on the roof. I don’t know what she does up there, but there are twinkly lights that appear all over the lodge at the same time each year. Otherwise, she is running around and greeting new friends. We get along great. I can tell they love the mountain. They will sit on the porch for hours watching the sun come up and watching it go back down. I also know they love it, because they keep inviting new friends to visit. It is a beautiful, peaceful home if I do say so myself.  You should come and visit us.

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