Nature’s Greatest Season

There are many who would sit to debate the best season here in the South.  For most, Spring and Fall are the only options.  I, however, would like to propose that each season is best in its own way.  Spring definitely has some beautiful flowers and it is a welcome relief from the cold, gray of winter.  The temperatures are moderate, however, the rainfall tends to be more abundant.  Which is of course to be expected with all the new blossoms and blooms.  Summer is traditionally the time of year for vacations.  School is out for families with children and the weather outside is more conducive to outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, boating and swimming.  Autumn, well it goes without saying, is the most appealing season to the senses.  Mother Nature is all decked out in oranges, golds and reds.  It is a welcome relief from the sticky humid heat of summer.  It is the season just before the holidays that gives everyone a little opportunity to stop and catch their breathe before the hustle and bustle of  Christmas.  Last but not least, there’s winter.  Winter gets a bad rap in most cases.  The shorter days, colder temperatures and lack of warm sunny days tends to get everyone down.  On the positive side, winter has Christmas, which tends to bring folks together, and it has snow!  Hiking is best in the winter in my opinion as it does not have the heat or bugs of summer.  Not to mention, snakes and poison ivy!

So, to sum it up, I believe we should  learn to appreciate each season for what it has to offer!  By the same token, should we not learn to appreciate other people for their differences and what they have to offer?  Just an observation.Winter Day12669517_987201448027637_8711429184336619864_nLooking at Weiss Lakeautumn1

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