Herd Animals….A lesson in Acceptance

When we became Bed and Breakfast owners over 6 years ago little did I know that my love of animals would become an integral part of the job.  I had said I would never have livestock and yet I now have 4 goats, a donkey and 18 chickens!  Ironically, the one animal I was most against getting was Jose’, the miniature donkey.  Little did I know that my cute little ass would become a guest favorite!  While Jose’s job is to protect all the other livestock he has quite the personality for attracting the attention of our guests.  Did you know that herd animals will instinctively stay together?  It does not matter that they are different species, they are all herd animals and are accepting of all other herd animals.  Goats are not real smart but they know when the donkey brays they need to respond!  Wouldn’t it be a grand world if people could learn to be as accepting of each others differences?  What a wonderful world that would be!sunbajose and friends

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