One Cold Ass!

Winter time is a particularly hard time for us as Innkeepers and for our livestock in the pasture.  I love all our animals as do our guests, but sometimes during hard freezes I wonder why I have animals that I have to trudge out in the cold to care for!  Not to mention trying to make sure they have water in the morning after it has hit 11 degrees the night before!  Now, I realize that living in Alabama does not come close to comparing living in Montana or Minnesota, however, this Southern Girl has very thin skin and anything below freezing is really cold to me!  According to most websites I have visited all that is really needed for our livestock in the winter is a covered barn, however,  with lows in the teens for the last week all mine have had heat lamps!  And, while they might be able to survive with just shelter, my chickens and goats sure do look comfy snuggled under their individual lamps!  Only Jose will brave the cold and hang out in the paddock when its that cold!  Sometimes I wonder if he really is a “smart ass”!


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