New Friends

jose and friendsFor a smallish donkey living on a mountain in North Alabama, I have a lot of friends. The number grows every week. I am a handsome fellow with great wit and a friendly personality. What’s not to love? I’ve heard that many say they come to the mountain to rest, enjoy the view, and for all of fun activities that are close by. They eat a delicious breakfast cooked by my humans, Kris and Charlie, and sit on the porch enjoying the beautiful view in the valley. They go off to adventures nearby and return to a bonfire when it is cool or for a dip in the swimming pool when it is warm. They also love to come and visit me. The feed me yummy things and take my picture. Sometimes they speak to the goats or chickens, but it is obvious I am the most popular. Some people want to take pictures with me called “selfies”. I just smile for the camera. I enjoy making people happy.

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