Gone Fishing


When you come to visit The Secret, you will see a sign that says Centre, Alabama the “Crappie Capital of the world”. Why do humans get so excited over a fish? I can see Lake Weiss from my pasture. This is the home of these lake dwellers. Why is Centre, Alabama so excited and proud to be a fish capital? Fish do not seem that smart and they aren’t very attractive. Perhaps they make a great sandwich? I’ve never developed a taste for them. Weiss Lake is actually a pretty lake and I have heard it is full of fish, lots of Crappie fish I guess. Some of our Secret friends spend some fishing time when they visit especially in the Spring. In the summertime, some folks will even get out there at night for a chance to catch the Crappies. I’ve also heard there are guides that will take you to some of the best places on the lake to reel some in. So come on out and catch some of our renowned Crappies. I would enjoy listening to your fish tales and I might even watch your adventure from the mountain.

Fishing licenses may be purchased on line at http://www.outdooralabama.com/freshwater-fishing-license.12274640_950661031681679_2822249139991705646_n

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