New year, New faces!

Hi Ho!! Jose’ here! I know y’all have missed me, it got a little crazy here with the holidays. First of all, we had a human visitor that kept coming up that I had to keep an eye on, then Kris and Charlie went out of town so I had to make sure that all the animals behaved! Just so you know, I was my usual well behaved self, the rooster however was another story! He thought it was a good idea to chase after those who were taking care of us. Well, apparently they told Kris and she was none to happy! Then, the dumb rooster decided to chase Kris…..bad plan on his part! Let’s just say his view of the barnyard was upside down for a bit as Kris caught him and carried him around! Dumb bird!!! The rest of us knew better!
There is a new face on the property, a new dog. They call her Scout and she seems to be quite inquisitive! When Kris lets her out she sits by the fence and stares at us. I don’t think she knows exactly what we are, but seems eager to learn. I walked up to the fence to get a sniff, but she ran away. Perhaps if I approached her with a treat like folks do me she would warm up a little. Hmmm, wonder if she likes hay?
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