Waiting on the Light

Cold, dark winter morning, sitting waiting on the light. Waiting on the warm rays of the sun to kiss the horizon in hopes that it will soon thaw the cold morning sky. The stars above twinkle as if enjoying its crispness. It is this time of the year that silence is indeed golden. The combination of quiet and cold giving the soul a chance to regroup and prepare for what is yet to come. Nestled down in a pile of warm blankets, staring out at the horizon, one gets the chance to reflect on the year now passed all the while wondering what lies around the corner. While one can never predict what the future will bring, for my part, I will strive to always send positive energy from this mountaintop. To begin each day thankful for the blue sky and sunshine that others may never get to see. I have been blessed with a Secret. A Secret that I was meant to share!
Happy Hump day friends. Stay warm and safe.
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