Jose’s Excellent Adventure

Jose’s Excellent Adventure

I planned a trip one beautiful Fall day.  Even a donkey that has everything, adoring friends, goats and chickens, needs a little adventure every now and then.   I opened the latched gate.  I can’t share the process of how I did this (trade secret).  Such information would be dangerous in the hands of Merlot and the rest of the goats.  As I headed down The Secret driveway, I contemplated all that I could do in the wonderful town of Leesburg, Alabama.  I could visit the boiled peanuts man, The Country Store (boy, do they have some delicious treats), or the Snow Cone stand.  Yes, food was definitely on my mind.  I decided that the Little River Canyon Falls would me my next stop.  I’m not much of a hiker, but I knew a dip would be refreshing.  I thought I might visit my friends at Tigers for Tomorrow.  Not many donkeys have such interesting friends like my lion, tiger, bear, and leopard buddies at Tigers for Tomorrow.  I am quite popular.  I might spend a few days with them.  Their pasture is much larger than mine.

As I was heading down the driveway planning my excursion, I couldn’t help but hear Kris’ insistent call.  Her voice tends to carry.  She was begging me not to leave.  Did she have other plans for me today?  I stopped and looked at her sad, pleading face.  I thought about how she, the goats, and the chickens depend on me for leadership and amusement.   Would a absence of a week or two be that difficult for them?

Kris’ voice became more distressed.  It almost sounded angry.  I’m sure that it was her desperate thought of being without me.  I stopped a moment, then turned, and slowly trudged back up the drive.  I reflected on the disappointment of canceling my trip, but realized that my responsibilities here are important.  It was at that moment that I noticed that Kris was holding one of my favorite treats, cantaloupe.   She was welcoming me back with a gift!  How could I refuse such admiration?  In fact, she walked up the hill by my side, encouraging me with each step, and rewarding me with bites of the delicious treat.  She boisterously announced my return with each step we took.  She even helped me back through the gate with another piece of the treat.  It would have been nice to travel around Leesburg, eat some yummy food, and visit some friends, but my pasture has its perks.  Who doesn’t like room service?


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