Laundry. It is the true enemy of a bed and breakfast owner. And for those of you who believe everything you are told I’ve got some bad news. There is not a laundry soap in existence that will get out stains by just adding it to the washing machine. Any and all stains must be pretreated and here is some more bad news, not all pretreatments work the way they are suppose to either. I know some of you are going to have nightmares tonight. Sorry. The absolute most impossible stain to get out…..make-up. Ladies if you could see how stained make-up makes towels you would not be putting it on your face. Oh, and Murphy’s Law for laundry, if you want to insure a stained towel buy a bunch of new ones. They will absolutely be the first ones ruined.
This concludes my public service announcement for laundry. Save your money, just buy the cheapest brand or wash everything in Dawn Dish Detergent. It works best on everything. You’re welcome.
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