Little River Canyon

Officially created in 1992, Little River Canyon Preserve protects what is considered to be the nation’s longest mountaintop river. Most of its entire length flows down the middle of Lookout Mountain beginning with headwaters in Georgia and emptying into the Coosa River and Weiss Lake. Over time the waters of the river have carved out one of the Southeasts deepest canyons and is said to have the cleanest and wildest waterways in the South. The canyon walls with its shear rock cliffs are more visible in the winter time with the dying down of vegetation. Eberhart Point along the Scenic Drive is the most convenient point to descend onto the canyon floor. This hike, however, is not for the faint of heart as it has a steep incline back up to the top! Remnants of what use to be an amusement park, including abandoned picnic shelters are still visible on its floor. If you can physically make the hike down the views are spectacular. And don’t forget on your way out to stop and take in all the other overlooks as well as take in the movie at the Canyon Center. Used as a research facility for Jacksonville State University, it is a must see for anyone interested in the natural history of the area.
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