Moonlight and Solitude

“Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight….”
I use to sing this song to my boys when they were babies as I rocked them to sleep. It was bitterly cold out, but something about the moonlight was drawing me outside. I bundled up and headed for my quiet spot on the bluff. Moonlight makes me reflective. Its majestic beauty makes me appreciate the world around me. I was exhausted from the day, but something about it made me feel invigorated. And grateful. Its been a year of mountains to climb, a few I’m still trying to scramble up. Suddenly sitting under the moonbeams I felt peaceful. My friend Laurie use to say “God gives us 24 hours in a day for a reason”. I had spent the last hour worrying over things I had to do when just outside my door was this majestic sight. A reminder to stop and be thankful. Today I will begin again. By night my legs will hurt, but I will remember that I am blessed and that I should stop to enjoy some of my 24 hours. We are not promised tomorrow so we should stop to appreciate today. My friend has since passed, but her words will live in my heart as I am bathed in moonlight.
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