The Facelift

There has been quite a bit of dust flying around here in the last several weeks. Activity, noise, and debris have filled the air. It was a mystery at first. You see, it wasn’t happening in my pasture, so I was not kept apprised of the project. It did not take me long to find out that the pool on the roof of The Secret was getting a face lift. It had gotten a little age on it, so a makeover was in order. Lots of scraping, draining, painting, recovering, and beautifying was going on, you know, just like anyone getting a face lift would need.

Several weeks, lots of talented hands, and hard work were required to get the enormous task done. It is a challenge to redo a pool anyway, especially one located on a roof top. It has its unique set of challenges.
You will be happy to know it was worth all the hard work and sweat. The pool looks great. It is open and ready for business. The water is crystal clear and inviting. It looks brand new!

Hurry up and be one of the first to take a dip!!!! Don’t forget to say hello to  me.

By the way, I am planning my first cannonball into the new pool. I think I will splash the whole mountain.  Photo one is the beautiful new pool.  I am sunbathing in photo two to get ready for pool season.

pool sunba

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