The Jose’ Story

We have many animals on our property,so it’s time for an introduction to our Secret animals! Today is everyone’s favorite resident donkey! He is the protector of all the livestock in our pasture and a regular blogger on our page!
Jose’ came to us a year after we purchased The Secret along with the two little girl goats. He was about two years old at the time and had been bottle fed by his former owner’s daughters so he was extremely friendly from the beginning. He loves to be visited by all our guests as well as the grandchildren of our neighbors! We often put him in the paddock by himself with our guests for a good brushing. He always knows when someone different is on the property or when danger is near!
One of the reasons we got Jose’ is because we have coyotes in the area and needed to have a donkey in the pasture to protect the other livestock. If a coyote smells or hears a donkey in your pasture they will not come into it. For this reason many farmers will keep donkeys with their other livestock for protection.
For our guests Jose’ is a pretty reliable alarm clock, but he is also a very inviting presence for those who come onto our property!
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