The Weaver Mansion – Part 2

Today, most of us don’t have a land line to our house for phone service. In 1965 when the “Weaver Mansion”, now known as The Secret Bed and Breakfast was built it had 42 phone jacks for land lines in every room and bathroom plus several in the main lodge. In addition it had a state of the art intercom system that allowed communication from every room in the house, including the pool deck. Speaking of the pool, it was put in when the house was in 1965. While all of these things are impressive, to me the most impressive thing about the property is the way the house was placed on the bluff. In the winter the sun hits the main room in the lodge, warming the room naturally. In the summer, the sun does not even touch the main lodge keeping it cooler. By today’s standards, the $800,000 price tag for the house would make it a large home, in 1965 it was considered an extravagant mansion. Not to mention the fact that when it was built, workers dug down to the rock before they began construction. That would explain why there are lightning rods across the roof!
If you would like to see all these things for yourself, please join us for a 50th Anniversary celebration this December. The entire property will be decked out for the holidays, and as an additional bonus we are giving a 15% discount for every two night stay booked from December 1st through December 23rd. Santa is on board with our celebration and will be leaving a special gift in each room!

Evening Sun Blue Sky

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