There’s Crappie in that Lake!

Hi Ho! Jose’ here at The Secret Bed and Breakfast! RAIN! The goats and I hate it! As much as we have had I am thinking I need a donkey size raincoat! Kris says that the rain is good because it makes all the waterfalls around us roar. Whatever that means. She also says that it helps to fill the lake for all those fishing tournaments coming up. Did you know that Weiss Lake is full of crappie? I am thinking based upon the conversation that a crappie is a fish, but what a dumb name! I mean would you want a lake full of “crap”? I would think not, so why would you call a fish by that name? Unless of course they don’t taste good! Just sayin’! Anyway Kris says we have plenty of room for boats if anybody wants to stay here to go and catch their Crappie Fish!
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