Heat Lamps….a donkey’s best friend!!

Hi! Ho! Jose’ here!! Brrrr, its cold outside! I sure am glad that I have such great owners that appreciate the fact that on a cold winter’s morning a heat lamp sure does feel good on a donkey’s back! I’m not the only one with a heat lamp, Kris has made sure that all of her livestock and the cats have their own source of warmth for the winter. I overheard her the other day talking to Charlie about how she just does not understand how people can leave their animals out in this cold. Now, I know that livestock generally don’t mind, but it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all to be a well cared for donkey.
You know, there are lots of boys and girls out there who have asked for a puppy for Christmas from Santa. All I have to say about that is I hope that those parents teach their kids how to properly care for their pet. Dogs in particular bond with their owners and need not only food, water and a warm place to sleep but also lots of love and attention. Why, even the goats and I like to be pet, scratched and hugged every once in a while. There are four dogs and five cats that live on this property and I always see Kris and Charlie playing with or loving on them! See what an observant donkey I am!!! And by the way, if any of you see Santa, tell him that Chardonneigh and I would really like some peppermints for Christmas and maybe some apples!
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