Jerusalem Donkey- a Jose’ story

Hi Ho! Jose here! Question for the day, why is everyone walking around singing about a “one horse open sleigh”? I mean, first of all there’s not any snow in Alabama so there is no need for a sleigh! Second, donkey’s are perfectly capable of pulling a sleigh if there was snow! All the people that come up for a visit seem to be in such a good mood these days Kris says that they are all in the holiday spirit. I heard her telling someone the other day that I was a “Jerusalem” donkey. Legend has it that one of my relatives carried Jesus into Jerusalem knowing that he was about to go to trial and sentenced to death. The donkey, seeing how bad Jesus was being treated, wished he could carry the cross for him. After all it was the donkeys job to carry man’s heavy burdens. The donkey could not bear to see the suffering of Jesus so he turned away, but remained nearby. God rewarded the donkey’s loyalty by causing the shadow of the cross to remain on the donkeys back, so that in a way the donkey will always carry the cross for Jesus. The story made me understand more than ever why I feel so loyal and protective of my flock. And you thought Donkey’s were just livestock!! See how important we are! Which means that I should get more goodies for Christmas!!
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