Just Blowing off Steam!

Hi!Ho! Jose’ here at The Secret Bed and Breakfast! I just wanted to take a minute to get a few things off my mind. First, why do we need more than one rooster in our barnyard? They are really noisy creatures. Achilles, the young rooster has begun to crow, along with Ajax his counterpart in the chick area. I heard Kris say the other day that Achilles will be staying and I really don’t understand why! They have me for protection, why do they need a rooster? And my second gripe is, why is it still so HOT!!! I keep waiting for those large acorns to fall to the ground and for my winter coat to start coming in, but instead I’m still rolling in the dust trying to keep the bugs off!!! All I know is it seems to me that when it finally does get colder its going to really get colder! I told the goats that we needed to make sure we put on plenty of fat for this winter!! Oh, not that we are skin and bones anyway!! Well, that’s all my complaints for today. If anyone wants to come and bring me some juicy apples once the fall harvest does come in I won’t be opposed.
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