The New Pasture Inhabitant aka The White Ghost

HI Ho, Jose’ here! Did you think the white ghost in the pasture had got me? Well, Kris has been quite upset with me over an incident involving Chardonnay a couple of weeks ago so I have had to mind my peas and q’s! And, although Kris believes that Chardonnay got the upper hand on me, I really let her win! It seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do, especially since I figured I was going to have to live with her!
I do find her quite attractive by the way, so I have been trying really hard to win her affections! Why, I am even letting her in the barn at night while I stand guard outside the door! I don’t think the goats care for her much but at least they are not running from her anymore. I have decided since there is a full moon tomorrow night that it would be a good time to turn on the charm and show her my true feelings. Moonlight is romantic from what I hear, and since this moon is known as the “strawberry moon” and strawberries are my favorite I think it’s a sign! Hmmm, wonder if I could convince Kris to let me have some strawberries for my date? Perhaps a little champagne? I’m not sure she is going to be encouraging my little “date” night! What do you guys think, should I let “NeighNeigh” know how I really feel?



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