A Secret Pedicure- Jose’ Style

Hi,Ho! Jose’ here at The Secret Bed and Breakfast! So, my herd and I usually go down into the pasture in the mornings. It’s much cooler than the heat of the day and the bugs have not yet gotten too bad. Yesterday was no exception, except that our grazing was interrupted by Kris calling us. She had walked all the way down to the bottom of the pasture and was bringing some yummy carrots! Hmmmm, since this never happens I was somewhat suspicious but Chardonneigh and I took our chances since carrots smelled so yummy!
All the way up the pasture she was giving us small morsels of carrot and going on about how we were going to get a pedicure. Now, I was not sure what that was but she did not seem aggravated so it had to be something good! Well, just so y’all know, it means “the ferrier is here and is going to trim your hoofs”! Now, Chardonneigh normally just gets one, but yesterday I did too!! And, let me tell you, while she did not mind at all, I did!!! Kris put on our halters and she even had Aunt Robin over to help. She tried to bribe me with carrots but when that didn’t work she threatened me horribly! Now, I won’t tell you what she said, it is not for young ears, but I knew I best hold still or else!!!! Needless to say when I was asked if I wanted my feet polished I got the heck outa that paddock!! Polish on a donkey’s feet, really!!!!!
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