Strawberry Fields Forever…..a Donkey’s Paradise

So, my human family was running around last night mumbling something about a Strawberry Moon.  I love strawberries but I’m guessing (since I am a smart ass!) that I couldn’t eat a strawberry moon.  I do hear folks talking about Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly and how good it is on biscuits and I am quite sure I could eat that!!  My human friends make it and serve it with breakfast some mornings.  I also hear they might be willing to sell you a jar or two!

Not far from here we have a farm called Norris Farms.  I over heard a conversation the other day about how they have all sorts of fruits and vegetables that you can pick yourself.  They also apparently pick it for you and sell baskets of whatever you like!!  I sure wish someone would go and pick me some fresh strawberries!!!  Or, perhaps I can just lift the latch up on the gate and go for a little stroll myself!  If any of you visiting the Secret decide to go picking talk to me before you go, I might just have you pick me up a little something.  This hay and grass is getting boring!  I do after all have to keep up my strength and this hot body needs its nutrition.


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