The Weaver Mansion aka The Secret Bed and Breakfast

In 1965 when the main lodge was erected it was known as the “Weaver Mansion”. It’s owner, Millard Weaver, loved people and would host friends, family and events in his extravagant home. The big table, which serves as the social gathering place for the bed and breakfast has two stories associated with it. At first we were told it was built inside the building as it was too large to fit through any door. Then one day the daughter of the builder came by, she said it was built off site then moved in prior to completion of the front wall. Either way, the table with its large lazy-susan has given us the opportunity to make many new friends in our four years here. It has not only hosted breakfast, but also many weddings, and games of Catch Phrase! The perfect spot to gather together groups of people who want nothing more than to enjoy each others company, relax, and have fun!

Morning in the Lodge

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