Why does the rooster crow?

Hi Ho! Jose’ here! I have a rather serious question for everyone this morning, does anyone know why roosters crow? I for the life of me have yet to figure it out! Tanqueray has been here for several months now and he crows all the time. I thought roosters were only suppose to crow at dusk and dawn but not him. If I bray, there is a reason, either I need to remind Kris and Charlie of a mealtime, or something is up in the pasture. Although, I do have to admit that I woke Kris up at 4:30 this morning just because Chardonnay would not come into the barn. OOPs, sorry Kris!
So, if anyone out there knows the answer to the rooster question, or can use one of those fancy machines you call “computers” to look it up let me know. My little friend Lexie says that there is this wizard out there named “Google” that knows everything so maybe I should try to find him and ask him.


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