A Party of Hens

We have quite a few animals on our property. I always tell guests that go to Trade Days on Saturday not to bring us back any more! What we have the most of are the chickens but they are actually the most helpful of all the animals as they lay eggs that contribute to breakfast in the mornings. We are currently getting 18 per day although we got down to only about 6 a day back in the summer. We believe the increase is due to heat lamps that were put in the barn when the temperatures dropped, although we also got another rooster after loosing the other two! Whatever the reason we are glad for all the eggs!! This past Sunday we added another hen, Harriett, who belonged to a friend who had lost her other three to predators. While it does take a while for hens to adapt to new friends they eventually do. I know you have heard the term “hen pecked”. Well it is a true occurrence. You have to disrupt the “pecking” order when you add a new hen by taking your old ladies one at a time to meet the new one. Just a little bit of “hen” knowledge for you!IMG_0355

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