Jose’ to the Rescue

Hi! Ho! Jose’ here at The Secret Bed and Breakfast! Friday was a hot one for December so the goats and I had come up to take a break from the heat in the barn. All of a sudden I heard the chickens sound the alarm!!! I ran from the barn as Kris was shouting “get out of here”! As she came into the paddock she yelled for me to “get it”! It was at this point that I spotted the fox coming from the top corner of the pasture. I took off in hot pursuit with Kris coming behind me! Unfortunately I was unable to catch up with it before it went under the fence. You can rest assured that now that I now it is there I will be on extra high alert! I am after all the keeper of the pasture and the caretaker of the livestock. As for the hen that was cornered she is fine. Kris found her huddled in a corner of the coupe unharmed! Kris did say something as she left about carrying her gun from now on, I just hope she’s a good shot!!!
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