A Nip in the Air?

Hi! Ho! Jose’ here at The Secret Bed and Breakfast! There was quite a nip in the air last night and this morning so the goats and I decided to camp outside instead of going into the barn. I have heard Charlie mumbling about how we needed to spend less time in there but the bugs have been so bad that I can’t seem to get those darn goats to go out!!! The good news is that the nip in the air means that soon there will be acorns on the ground and sweet colored leaves to munch on! If it’s one thing I know it’s that those goats love to eat and their favorite is acorns so I don’t think I will have any more trouble getting them to go into the pasture!
#fallfoliage #acorns #thesecretbedandbreakfast #visitnorthalabama #cherokeechamberal

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