Back to School Getaway…as seen by Jose’!

Hi Ho! Jose’ here! My friend Lexie was sitting in the pasture yesterday reading me some book about a donkey when she happened to mention that she would not see me today because she was going school shopping with her Mom. I’ve heard a lot about school from my little friends but I’ve never been. A donkey of my intelligence level would surely be well accepted at a place of learning. I wonder if Kris and Charlie would mind if I tagged along with Lexie? She says they have an entire room devoted to books, and that there are lots of kids there that would love to pet me! Why, maybe I could even get that Bat Man lunch box that one of my little friends told me about!
Hmmmm, on second thought, there has been fox sneaking about so I probably should not leave my post here at The Secret. Not to mention the fact that all the adults will be coming up for last minute getaways before school starts so I might miss out on some good treats!!! Oh well, perhaps my brain is too big for school anyway. Although, the famous horse Mr. Ed went to school once so perhaps I should give it a try someday!
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