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A walk in the woods. The sound of rushing water. Mother Nature has the unique ability to calm the soul. While completely surrounded by solitude, without another human being in sight, you are not alone. There’s nothing like a warm day in February, the river bank and canyon walls void […]

A Walk in the Woods

Every year on March 17th everyone observes St. Patrick’s Day. Originally a religious holiday that marked the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, it is now celebrated worldwide with various festivals, parades, and most importantly foods!! Here, at The Secret, it has become a tradition to celebrate […]

St. Patty’s Day Treat

Officially created in 1992, Little River Canyon Preserve protects what is considered to be the nation’s longest mountaintop river. Most of its entire length flows down the middle of Lookout Mountain beginning with headwaters in Georgia and emptying into the Coosa River and Weiss Lake. Over time the waters of […]

Little River Canyon

There is something to be said about a rainy Monday. Not that it is gloomy, not that it is gray. It is a day where the sound of the water hitting the roof has a melody and life of its own. A time where the cool, dampness encourages one to […]

Rainy Monday

“But my words like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence” – Simon and Garfunkel- It is in the silent moments of the early mornings or late nights that the true snapshot of one soul truly makes itself known. Late night stars or full moons, the first […]

The Wells of Silence

What is it about cold weather that makes us crave comfort food? I’m thinking we are somewhat like bears and think we need to eat in order to fatten up during winter hibernation!! With fruits being so hard to come by in the winter one of the best winter desserts […]

Skillett Apple Pie

The Secret is a beautiful place for weddings. We are able to comfortably accommodate 200 or so guests. Exchange vows at The Point with the gorgeous mountain view in the background. Entertain your guests with an al fresco dinner and dance under the lights on our outdoor “dance floor”. We […]

Secret Wedding Venue

When the horizon off the bluff looks like puffs of cotton candy and some sweet time with friends is just around the bend I am in my happy place. I’m not sure what I did to deserve the peace and serenity of The Secret, but I will gladly share!! ‪#‎thesecretbedandbreakfast‬ […]

Cotton Candy Clouds

A warm breathe of air appears, silently during a normally cold winter month. What a pleasant surprise, although a bit of a tease. Much like the first cold breathe of winter turns our thoughts to snow, the warm, spring-like winter days gives us thoughts of budding flowers and trees. Before […]

A Warm Spring Breeze

Are you ready for some Football!!! No matter which team you are rooting for on Sunday night, chances are you will be in need of some good food to calm your nerves during the “big” game!! This dip is the specialty of a friend of mine and I can’t get […]

Jalapeno Popper Dip

Happy Groundhog Day! Does it seem odd to you that a rodent gets so much attention? Here are some fun facts about Groundhog Day. The average groundhog is 20 inches long, weighs 12-15 pounds, and can whistle. According to legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there will be 6 […]

Ground Hog Day!

“.. only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself. ~Ruth Stout There is nothing like a warm winter afternoon perched high upon the roof to make one appreciate the beauty and solitude that stretches before us. The sunlight […]

Winter’s Reality