The Jose Connection

Winter time is a particularly hard time for us as Innkeepers and for our livestock in the pasture.  I love all our animals as do our guests, but sometimes during hard freezes I wonder why I have animals that I have to trudge out in the cold to care for!  […]

One Cold Ass!

HI HO, Jose’ here!! It’s been a while since I have written so let me update you on the most recent happenings here at The Secret. Recently, my owners obtained 4 new hens to add to my flock. Well, 3 of those 4 hens turned out to be roosters and […]

Kris’ Livestock Adventure

Hello Everyone!! With Autumn in full swing there are leaves and acorns everywhere in the pasture. Since it has been several months since it has rained they are not quite as sweet as usual but some are still pretty tasty. Our human, Charlie has been very busy raking up all […]

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!

There was such a nice cool breeze blowing last night that my goat friends and I decided to sleep out under the stars instead of our usual spot in the barn. We do this a lot in late spring and early autumn just because the cool night air feels so […]

Fall is in the Air!!!

  Did you miss me?  Don’t worry.  I’m as fit as a fiddle.  I have been enjoying spring and hanging out with the goats.  I am celebrating this spring day with some animal jokes.  Share your favorites below and we will feature the best ones on our Facebook page.  I […]

Jose Animal Joke Challenge

There has been quite a bit of dust flying around here in the last several weeks. Activity, noise, and debris have filled the air. It was a mystery at first. You see, it wasn’t happening in my pasture, so I was not kept apprised of the project. It did not […]

The Facelift

  Jose’s Heavenly Haystacks   I like to eat.  No, that is not exactly right.  I love to eat.  I really enjoy yummy, fresh haystacks.  I enjoy haystacks so much that I am going to share a recipe for haystacks with you.  I must admit that the finished product doesn’t […]

Jose’s Heavenly Haystacks