The Jose Connection

  Did you miss me?  Don’t worry.  I’m as fit as a fiddle.  I have been enjoying spring and hanging out with the goats.  I am celebrating this spring day with some animal jokes.  Share your favorites below and we will feature the best ones on our Facebook page.  I […]

Jose Animal Joke Challenge

There has been quite a bit of dust flying around here in the last several weeks. Activity, noise, and debris have filled the air. It was a mystery at first. You see, it wasn’t happening in my pasture, so I was not kept apprised of the project. It did not […]

The Facelift

  Jose’s Heavenly Haystacks   I like to eat.  No, that is not exactly right.  I love to eat.  I really enjoy yummy, fresh haystacks.  I enjoy haystacks so much that I am going to share a recipe for haystacks with you.  I must admit that the finished product doesn’t […]

Jose’s Heavenly Haystacks

Jose’s Excellent Adventure I planned a trip one beautiful Fall day.  Even a donkey that has everything, adoring friends, goats and chickens, needs a little adventure every now and then.   I opened the latched gate.  I can’t share the process of how I did this (trade secret).  Such information would […]

Jose’s Excellent Adventure

Spring is here at last. It is my favorite time of year. Here are 10 reasons why. 1. Breakfast and dinner seems to arrive a bit quicker. Kris and Charlie are very ood about feeding time; however I do have to remind them more often in the winter. 2. The chickens […]


This weekend begins the annual change to Daylight Saving Time for those that live by a formal clock. Most people enjoy the benefits of more daylight at the end of the day for walks and play. It can be hard for them to adjust to new sleeping patterns. It is […]

On the Clock

  When you come to visit The Secret, you will see a sign that says Centre, Alabama the “Crappie Capital of the world”. Why do humans get so excited over a fish? I can see Lake Weiss from my pasture. This is the home of these lake dwellers. Why is […]

Gone Fishing

jose and friends
For a smallish donkey living on a mountain in North Alabama, I have a lot of friends. The number grows every week. I am a handsome fellow with great wit and a friendly personality. What’s not to love? I’ve heard that many say they come to the mountain to rest, […]

New Friends

kris and
Charlie and Kris Thomas are my humans. They live on the mountain with me. Well not exactly WITH me. I live in the pasture. They choose to reside in the lodge. We get along great, although they have some unusual habits. They work quite a bit, running from lodge to […]

My Humans

jose nose
Hello again, It’s Jose. I hope everyone is having a good day. I’ve noticed how interesting the animal kingdom is to people. For example, a whole day is devoted to the Groundhog, an animal that really isn’t all that interesting and with all due respect, not that smart. We have […]

The Secret Donkeys

Hello, world.  My name is Jose.  I am a Miniature Donkey.  Don’t let my smaller size fool you, as I am ruler of all I see.  I live on the side of a mountain in Alabama at a bed and breakfast known as The Secret.  It is a wonderful place […]